How to use Cheat Codes

At this time there are so many mobile games. But unfortunately, in order to be able to fully play them, the developers offer to buy the in-game currency (Money, Gold, Gems, etc.), with which it is much more interesting and easier to play. But unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to buy something in the game for real money. Especially for such people, we share special Cheat Codes.

Where do Cheat Codes come from?

When games are developed, they are tested to identify bugs and fix them. Some test group from the development team are looking for these bugs. But, you know, in order to find bugs, it is much easier when you have everything in the game and you can do anything. To do this, the developers create the so-called Cheat Codes. This is a kind of authorization, with the help of which you tell the game that you are not a regular user, but a privileged user, to whom everything should be accessible. And these Codes are regularly updated for more safety.

Our team is working on getting of cheat codes, and we would like to receive some thanks from you too. Of course, this is not a monetary reward :). Below are two ways to get instructions for Cheat Codes:

1. The first method gives access to instructions for your game.

2. The second method gives full access to all instructions on the site.